The Light Blue Bicycle began its life way back in 1895, when John Albert Townsend produced hand built bicycles for the wealthy members of Cambridge University. These custom made machines were produced in a converted dairy in Norfolk Street, Cambridge at a rate of around six per week. The Light Blue name was taken from the University colours, but in those days all the bicycles were painted black.

John made his own Track bike with a special 100 tooth chainwheel to celebrate the turn of the Century in 1900. By the time of the Great War, production had ceased as the men were called away. Following this, the larger cycle manufacturers began to produce more affordable models on a much greater scale and The Light Blue Bicycle was consigned to the back burner.

However, subsequent generations of the Townsend family continued in the cycle trade, and became well established as independent cycle retailers in Cambridge, gaining a fine reputation for providing good, reliable service at a local level.

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